About Us

Gaia’s Matrix is a play on words, one which shows Our true appreciation of crystals, gems, fossils & rocks from all over the world. It began as something like ‘Fruits of the Earth’ & the idea just caught on until it evolved into GaiasMatrix itself.

So, who are We? Will Austin & David Bottomley are both long term crystal nuts, possibly obsessives. They met in 2006 & since then have shared a passion for all kinds of crystal energies & healing in particular. As collectors they both have a wealth of knowledge & insight into the business, Will as an Opal & crystal polisher with a background in IT, And David has worked with metals, gems & crystals, mainly in the music, & jewellery industry since age 15.

While they both went about their day jobs the friendship grew, and crystals were often the first & last subject of discussion. Having a good understanding of the world of crystals it became obvious that someday they would end up in business.

In recent years it became clear that their collections of crystals & gems were growing out of control somewhat, and thus the only real solution was to go into business & share their expertise, so as to follow both their passions. Now they spend their time giving lectures & talks to groups on crystals & healing, Exhibiting at Rock & Gem shows, Mind Body & Spirit shows & now bringing an online store to tempt You reading this with some of the finest, & the sweetest crystals you’ll see online, or maybe anywhere!

Specialty Quartzes from the Himalayan region, to Aquamarines from Afghanistan, Australian & Ethiopian Opals and Brazilian Topaz & Morganites

From specialty Quartzes from the Himalayan region, to Aquamarines from Afghanistan, Australian & Ethiopian Opals and Brazilian Topaz & Morganites, these are just some of delights which await You. We source our stones & crystals from the source too thus cutting out wholesalers & middlemen, ensuring you more for your money & a greater selection of unusual & rare crystals.

We prefer rough specimens & unusual combination stones, but also offer a range of polished & faceted gemstones suitable for jewellery making. Crystal carvings which are fashioned by skilled & artistic craftsmen in Indonesia are another favourite, something unique in a day & age of mass produced carvings. All in all, we love the things that will become special & unique to You the customer reading this, and as such many items will be one-offs. We can also take commissions for speciality items, orders & bespoke jewellery hand made by a variety of international jewellers & craftsmen.

As well as being bona fide crystal obsessives there is another aspect to GaiasMatrix which is the crystal healing element, something which both Will & David are very keen on promoting. Will uses His unique style of crystal healing along with Reiki & spiritual knowledge, and David has a background in teaching Reiki, Kotodama (sacred sound healing) & crystal healing amongst other things who also works with healing through private spiritual readings. Both of them have extensive knowledge of utilizing crystal energies & wisdom into successful healing modalities.

You can find more about crystal healing through Our upcoming articles on the website which will explore intuitive crystal healing & possibilities in greater depth. Also, there will be information of the more conventional Geological type in many features & articles to suit those who are more interested purely in that side of things.